Please listen to to Rhema, she is incredible!!!

Dear friends,

there are times when I forget and overlook

that I’m surrounded by simple and abundant blessings:

family and friends, good health, food, time to enjoy the things that matter,

the beauty of nature and the laughter of children...

In these hectic times we live in it is sometimes hard to pause for a moment looking back

on hours I wasted longing for more, the moments of beauty overlooked,

opportunities to touch another soul that eluded my attention.

The magic of the Christmas season did not really reach me those last years...

...too many sad and hurtful memories have been closely connected with this time

preventing me to enjoy this very special time of year I have always loved so much.

It’s weird that sometimes you need to experience dark hours of pain and anxiety

to open your heart again and enjoy the simple things in life.

I have a very close bond with my dog and my little world revolves around him.

As some of you know he had surgery early this month

where tumors needed to be removed.

I had a hell of a time waiting for his biopsy results

since a malign tumor would have meant a fatal diagnosis in his age.

So it was of course the biggest and best Christmas gift I could ask for

when I heard that all tumors were benign and so it happens that…

……this year Christmas was early for me.

It brought me back to the essentials of life and being thankful

for what I have and to bring back the appreciation and magic of the season again.

It taught me to be thankful for everything I have experienced in this life of mine.

Thankful for all the tears I have cried for they have taught me to enjoy laughter

and have given me the ability to appreciate the joy that comes after.

I am thankful for the storms I have encountered knowing that the rainbow is at the end.

They made me realize that they are only temporal and that with time all will mend.

I am thankful for all my memories…for the good ones but yes, also for the sad

for they give life to my emotions and an appreciation of what I have had.

I’m also thankful for the pain I went through. It has given me a compassion for the suffering

and an ability to reach out to others. It has also taught me the appreciation of little things.

I met wonderful people through my doll collecting who deeply touched and changed my life

and I would like to share my very special Christmas with all of you.

Lenani is my “Christkind” this year…I hope you enjoy her.

Merry Christmas to all of you!!!!

God bless!